Massia Basics


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MASSIA is located in an old school in Massiaru, a village in Häädemeeste Parish, Pärnu County in southwestern Estonia. The location is on the coast about 180 km south of Tallinn, and about 140 km north of Riga (Latvia).

MASSIA is a residency that welcomes individuals or groups from any field – artists, activists, researchers, practitioners, scientists etc. – who research and determine their own modes of work and knowledge production.

We aim it to be a platform for experimentation, for taking risks with your own work or with needs that cover a bigger ambition than only for yourself. And to think change radically. What does it mean to change things radically? It means to change them into something else, whether this concerns the arts, politics, education, prisons, hospitals, society, economy, ecology. Changing something radically is different from reforming things.

MASSIA tries to stress the notions of self-organisation and autonomy in a hospitable and easily accessible space. Not so far from here, at about 5km into the Nature Protected Area is a cabin, available for the visitors who visit the Nigula Reserve, where bears, birds and plants find a safe haven. This cabin functions like freely accessible cabins for mountaineers in the mountains, places for protection and rest. There are no instructions for use, nonetheless they are always left clean and maintained. Not by the mountain administration but by the mountaineers themselves. Because they all understand that these cabins make sense, are useful, even life saving.

MASSIA tries to experiment with these notions of making sense, being useful, even life saving. It wants to be a building full of potentiality, never defined, never belonging to a specific idea or specific group, hospitable, easily accessible, an instrument for making work, for rethinking one’s work, reinventing it, and for rethinking, reinventing society or aspects of it.

MASSIA is a platform for individuals and groups who are able to keep every cubic centimetre of space permanently available for everybody else (even when these are not yet there) unless they themselves use it, like their room, the table they eat from, the gas they cook with. Like in the cabins in the mountains the users leave it as if they have not been there. They erase their traces, have no need to flag their territory, no need to leave signs of belonging, but on the contrary give the building, this instrument back to itself that it can be used by others and stay in this mode of constant becoming.

MASSIA has (amlost) no staff.

MASSIA does not want to be a social experiment, does not want to experiment with alternative modes of living together. MASSIA is a working place, not a place to recover, nor for short holidays, but a place for creation and study and a place for conferences, events, expositions, festivals and such.

MASSIA has no selection. No need to write an application. You are welcome. Just send an email with the dates of your reservation to infomassia(at) and we email you back to tell you if rooms or beds are available. For now we have sleeping accommodation for about maximum 30 residents.

MASSIA offers:

  • single and double rooms
  • bed linen and towels
  • Wifi
  • washing machine, dryer and dishwasher
  • 2 fully equipped kitchens
  • multiple working places of different sizes
  • Big theater hall with stage and suitable floor for dance/body work/somatic practices
  • sound system with 2 active speakers, projector
  • 2 new bikes
  • a car
  • 3 old pianos (1 of them tuned)
  • 2ha of garden (with fruits trees and medicinal herb garden)
  • a communal apothecary and herb laboratory

Groceries: The neighbour has a little shop 100m down the road with all the necessaries. The garden grows food which you can eat in exchange for your labor to make the garden possible. There is much wild food knowledge in the space so you can try to feed yourself from the surroundings.

Although winters can be tough in Estonia, the building has central heating through wood burners and is pleasant, even in winter times.

MASSIA is located in a beautiful area with the long sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea at 10km westwards and the Latvian border at 10km south.

MASSIA is easily reachable by public transport as it has a bus stop right in front of the building (see all travel information under ‘How to get to Massia’).

MASSIA has no subsidy whatsoever. To enter the space you have to become a member for 12 euros. This membership is valuable for 12 months. Staying prices are 11 euro per night per person when the stay is more than 4 nights (under 5 nights the price is 12 euro per night per person). To stay for one full month is 300 euro. Payments in cash upon arrival or through bank transfer before arrival.