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If you are interested in visiting MASSIA, please familiarise yourself with the MASSIA basics first. For reservations, write an e-mail to infomassia[at] in which you detail your arrival and departure dates.  MASSIA does not make a selection of stayers; everyone can stay at MASSIA as long as there are rooms available and as long as they agree with the basic principles laid out in MASSIA basics.

Becoming a member by signing a membership form is mandatory for staying at MASSIA. The membership fee is EUR 12,00 for a period of one year; the membership does not renew automatically. By signing the membership form, you confirm that MASSIA is not liable for any damage done to you for the length of your stay.

Prices for accomodation are
EUR 12,00 per night when you stay for less than 5 nights
EUR 11,00 per night when you stay 5 nights or more
EUR 300,00 for one entire month

MASSIA provides bed linen and towels.

MASSIA cannot accept credit card or debit card payments. Please pay in cash upon arrival or during the first days of your stay. Please remember to bring the right amount of cash as there is no ATM in walking distance. The nearest ATM is in the neighbouring village Häädemeeste, 15 kilometers away from Massiaru. Upon special request, a bank transfer payment can be arranged — please get in touch about this option before your arrival. 

Enjoy your time at MASSIA!