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If you are interested in visiting MASSIA, please read all the info below and write us an email to infomassia(at) with the dates you’re coming.

Prices in 2020 are 11 euro per night when your stay is longer than 4 nights, 12 euro when under 5 nights and 300 euro for one month. Plus everybody pays a membership fee of 12 euro, valuable for 12 months and has a form to sign that MASSIA is not liable for any damage done to you.

The village of Massiaru is located about 180 km from Tallinn, 140 km from Riga (Latvia) and about 470 km from St. Petersburg (Russia). It is reachable by bus from Tallinn, Riga and St. Petersburg. Detailed information on how to get there is available here:

There’s also an option to order a car to pick you up from Ainazi which is 25 km from Massiaru and costs 25€, from Salacgrīvas which is 35 km away and costs 35€, from Pärnu which is 50 km away and costs 50€, from Riga which is ca 140 km away and cost 100€ or Tallinn which is ca 180 km away and cost 140€ . To do so you have to contact us and see if somebody is available at least one day before your travel: +372 5982 3344 or

MASSIA provides bed linen and towels.

Payment in cash upon arrival, or in the first days of your stay. Please remember to bring the right amount of cash as there is no ATM at walking distance. If no one is in the house you can pay by bank transfer. The nearest ATM is in Häädemeeste at 15km.

MASSIA is a place for production; it is also produced and maintained daily by the people who stay here. MASSIA tries not to exclude, instead it wants to encourage all sorts of differences in resources, capacities, interests, backgrounds and knowledge. To avoid policing and hierarchical structures, MASSIA tries to create safety and care from within –  this is an ongoing practice to be carried by all. 

Whatever project you’re working on, MASSIA can only make it possible for you, if you make it possible for MASSIA too. The things in MASSIA are there for you and you are there for the things as well ( i.e. MASSIA, the garden, a stove, a lecture, or a corridor is there for you as much as you are there for MASSIA, the garden or the stove, the lecture or the corridor).

MASSIA wants to be an easily accessible and self-organised space. It has no selection, it is relatively cheap, its doors are open, it has no staff and is guided by four rules:

Don’t leave traces

Clean behind you in order to leave every square centimetre, that is not your private room, all the time available for everybody when you are not using it. Traces are unwanted or uninvited marks (material or immaterial) left in the space or in others. 

Make it possible for others 

Think of this as an opportunity to open up space(s) by showing a rehearsal or a movie, giving a lecture, starting a discussion, cleaning a corridor, or helping somebody. 

 – The do-er decides 

But not alone! Things are decided by the ones who do, more than the ones who talk. However, the opportunity to do is not without limits and action should be taken in consideration with others.

Mind asymmetries 

MASSIA is made of asymmetries. People come from different places, inhabit different bodies, have different experiences, are situated differently in power structures and have different boundaries. Take this into account, challenge your own position and let it be challenged, while respecting other people’s boundaries.  

Think those rules as interrelated.

MASSIA aspires to be a space where intersectional, anti-racist and feminist analysis inform practice. Sexism, racism, classism, LGBTQ+phobia, ableism, ageism and any other form of discrimination or aggression are not tolerated. MASSIA fosters a practice of collective accountability and considers it everybody’s responsibility. 

MASSIA is a place for production and concentration. For this reason it is not an ideal place to bring your pets and children. Yet exceptions can be made, please inquire with us beforehand. 

The mutual use of the available studios is discussed and negotiated between the colleagues when you are in MASSIA. The principles and rules are the guidelines for this.

You can enter the building via the back yard when entering the garden. If nobody will be there, you’ll receive the code for the key lock box situated next to the back door which we use as entrance, so you can let yourself in.  A map of the building is displayed at the wall in front of the stairs. Here you will also find info on how to navigate MASSIA, find your room, bedding etc. Further info on the functioning of the house can be found in the kitchen upstairs.

The neighbour has a small grocery store where you can get all the basics (with only a very small offering of fresh vegetables and fruits). It’s cash only, so make sure to bring a little cash with you. Alternatively you can transfer money to the shop owner ahead of your shopping. Receiver: Valdur Sepp / IBAN:EE024204278602997608 / SWIFT/BIC: EKRDEE22 / Reference: Makse (Coop Pank AS). To get cash you can drive or cycle (2 bikes available) to Häädemeeste, 15km from Massiaru, where you can find an ATM and also a little supermarket with a wider range of products.

Sirje Ruusma is a kind neighbour,  who lives next door and knows everything about the house. She takes care of the heating and most probably will pass by when she knows people are in the house. In case there’s a problem, her phone nr. is +372 523 4381 and she speaks only Estonian and a bit of Russian.

When you leave. Do not forget to lock the door and to put the key back in the box! And make sure you did put off lights, gas, heaters and machines.

We wish you a fruitful time in MASSIA.


Prices in 2020
12€ per night
11€ per night if staying more than 4 nights
300€ for one full month
Plus obligatory membership of Massia 12€ (valuable for 12 months) and form to be signed.

Massiaru koolimaja
Häädemeeste vald
86004 Pärnumaa

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More information on how to get to Massia you can find here.