Updates on the possibilities to stay at MASSIA after the easing of pandemic related restrictions.

As of 1st June regulations concerning movements of bodies are relaxing here in Estonia as they are in many other countries. Traveling to Estonia is possible again for most European citizens and residency permit holders (incl. Schengen area, UK (though still obligated to quarantine), NI). Other international travelers are still obliged to quarantine. Below you find links to more information from Estonia and Latvia. We look at Latvia also due to Riga airport being closer to MASSIA. Borders within the Baltic states and to Finland are open.

We will have to be smart about health promoting behavior on ground – also to protect the local community. If you need to quarantine, we can set up situations for this.



It’s been a financially challenging time for MASSIA – as probably for many of us – and we are aware there are urgent matters out there that currently need funds. Yet it’s also the case that MASSIA fails to make ends meet – if you are able to make a one off or monthly donation, this button is for you, thank you.

We hope you are living with the challenging currents as well as possible.
Looking forward to share space, connect, exchange, engage again beyond screens.