We care for a space where we collectively negotiate needs around access and safety.

MASSIA is a self-organised initiative sustained by mainly voluntary labor, operating with minimal resources and without subsidies. We can’t meet all needs – but we want to try to meet as many as possible together. Please get in touch to discuss access needs and possibilities.

Unfortunately the building is not barrier-free and doesn’t meet accessibility standards for wheel-chairs. There are no ramps and no elevator. To enter the building one needs to climb 6 steps, followed by 3cm high thresholds on the floor which are part of the door frames. On the ground floor are bedrooms, studios, the theater hall, toilets and a shower. The functional rooms are too small for wheelchairs. The kitchens are located on the upper floor. To get to the 1st floor one needs to climb two flights of stairs.

MASSIA is home to cat Dandylion. If you are allergic to cats, you might need to reconsider your stay – or if you know it helps, please bring antihistamines with you.

If you need to know something about the environment of the house or a particular event please contact us.

This page is a work in progress, we will keep adding access information. If you have been in MASSIA and would like to contribute access information, please be in touch.