Massiaru koolimaja
Häädemeeste vald
86004 Pärnumaa

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MASSIA is located in the village of Massiaru, Estonia, about 180 km south of Tallinn, 140 km north of Riga, Latvia, and 470 km southwest of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Here we list some travel suggestions by water , land, and air. Basically the routes run via TALLINN (EE) or RIGA (LV) further to PÄRNU (EE) or AINAZI (LV) and then further to MASSIARU – from city to town to village. We first explain how to get to the bigger cities and then the last bit of the travel to MASSIARU. At the bottom of this page you find maps for visual orientation.

You can come by public transport straight to MASSIA’s doorstep. When planning your journey, please be aware that the last bus from Pärnu to Massiaru leaves at 5:20pm (timetables below). If you can’t catch this bus you will need to take a bus to the nearby village Häädemeeste which run more frequently, with the latest bus leaving Pärnu at 8:30pm. From Häädemeeste you can arrange a pick up by car.

WATER helps you find various ferry routes.
We found the following ones most helpful for travel within Europe (can be pricey when booking close to date)

HELSINKI (FI) – TALLINN (EE), various lines,, ca. 2 hrs
STOCKHOLM (SE) – TALLINN (EE),, ca 16 hrs
STOCKHOLM (SE) – RIGA (LV),, ca 17 hrs
TRAVEMUNDE (DE) – LIEPAJA (LV):, ca 26 hrs – from Liepaja by bus to Riga
TRAVEMUNDE (DE) – HELSINKI (FI):, ca 29 hrs – from Helsinki by ferry to Tallinn

There are countless bus routes and many bus companies offer transfers from other European cities straight to Pärnu or Riga and Tallinn, some of them are lux express, ecolines, eurolines and flixbus. is a helpful website to find bus journeys.

Traveling to Estonia by train is more complicated (depending from where you come of course). You can go all the way to Riga and then continue by bus. can help you find routes, but they might not be the most efficient ones. You will see that the routes takes many changes and you need to buy tickets from several train companies.

You can fly to either Tallinn or Riga airport. The city of Riga is in neighboring Latvia, however, it’s a bit closer to Massiaru than Tallinn (Estonia’s main airport) and usually cheaper to fly to. On the other hand transfer to Massiaru might be faster via Tallinn.

From the airport you can go to Tallinn Coach Station by bus nr. 2 in the direction of Mõigu – Reisisadam, in which case you need to get off at Autobussijaam/Bus Station, the third stop from the airport. Alternatively you can take a taxi – the ride should take about 10 minutes, beware of non-official taxis who might over-charge you.

If you are traveling via Riga airport (RIX), you might be lucky and get a bus shuttle straight from the airport to Pärnu; it will take around 2,5-3,5 hrs. However, this service is operated rarely, check More likely you might have to take bus line 22 or 322 from the airport to Riga Coach Station and then use one of the bus connections listed below (via Pärnu or Ainaži). Taxi services going from Riga airport to Riga Coach Station charge approx. 10 € and take about 15 min.



TALLINN — bus 2 hrs. — PÄRNU — bus 1,5 hrs — MASSIARU
TALLINN — bus 2 hrs. — PÄRNU — bus 50 min — HÄÄDEMEESTE — car 15 min — MASSIARU
RIGA — bus 2,5 hrs — PÄRNU — bus 1,5 hrs — MASSIARU
RIGA — bus 2,5 hrs– PÄRNU — bus 50 min — HÄÄDEMEESTE — car 15 min — MASSIARU
RIGA — bus 2,5 hrs — AINAZI — car 30 min — MASSIARU
RIGA airport — bus 3,5 hrs — PÄRNU — bus 1,5 hrs — MASSIARU


Buses from Riga and Tallinn Coach Stations to Pärnu Coach Station run many times a day, tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket booths at the coach stations.

Timetables for buses Pärnu – Massiaru/Häädemeeste:
Pärnu Coach Station – Massiaru, bus nr 72 and 80, 1 hr 20 min

7:05 AM – 8:25 AM, Monday – Sunday
2:00 PM – 3:25 PM, Monday – Friday, doesn’t run on weekends
5:20 PM – 6:35 PM, Monday – Sunday
Single tickets are less than 2 € and you can buy them from the driver.
When you exit the bus, you’re standing right across the road from MASSIA.

If you can’t catch the bus to Massiaru, you can get a bus to the nearby village of Häädemeeste instead and arrange a pick up by car. Buses to Häädemeeste run often, the latest leaving Parnu at 8:30 PM.

Pärnu Coach Station – Häädemeeste, bus nr 74, 50 min
The buses between Pärnu and Häädemeeste run frequently, listed below are only the first and last ones.
6:35 AM – 7:25 AM, Monday – Sunday
8:30 PM – 9:13 PM, Monday – Sunday
Single tickets are less than 2 € and you can buy them from the driver.


To go from Riga Coach Station to Ainaži, you can find times and tickets for the regional bus either on, or use the main ticket reception or ticket machine at Riga Coach Station; tickets are roughly 5 €, the journey takes 2,5-3 hours. From Ainaži, you can arrange to be picked up by car for a fee of  25 €. You can also take a local bus line which brings you closer to Massiaru. The bus runs from Ikla, a village on the Estonian side of the border crossing; it’s a 10 minutes walk along the main Road in Ainaži to get to the stop, yet the bus doesn’t run very often. Get off at Orajõe metskond, which is the nearest bus stop to Massiaru coming from Ainaži. From there, someone from MASSIA can pick you up for a fee of 10 €. Find route and times on Google Maps or, look for transfer from Ikla to Orajõe metskond.
Please get in touch in advance if you need a car ride, it might not always be possible.


PÄRNU — MASSIARU / HÄÄDEMEESTE: – this website also helps you find international busses to Massiaru and Häädemeeste (you might need the ä umlaut in the place names to use their finder).
Google maps’ direction function also helps with finding bus routes and times


You can arrange to be picked up by car from Ainazi and Häädemeeste. Please do this ahead of time via email, it might not always be possible. The pick ups cost 25 € from Ainazi, 15 € from Häädemeeste. If you are stuck somewhere, please call and we find a solution: +37259823344

(last updated on 10 July 2020)