14 single and double bedrooms, equipped with single or double beds, desks and cupboards

MASSIA can provide a maximum capacity of up to 45 stayers for events, during which studio spaces can be turned into dorms with comfortable double airbeds

4 studio spaces (40 sqm – 55 sqm)

a theater hall with a proscenium arch stage and a floor suitable for body work (135 sqm)

a library and reading room (with books on critical feminist, queer, plant, and environmental studies, ecology, philosophy, art, political science, etc.)

2 fully equipped kitchens, one of which is large and suitable for groups

Strong wifi connection throughout the whole building (upgraded in April 2022)

small projector, sound system with 2 powerful active speakers, simple audio mixer

3 old pianos, currently only one of them tuned

a 2-hectare garden area surrounding the building, with greenhouses, a field for growing vegetables and herbs, a wild flower meadow, and a tiny pond for tiny swims

a large medicinal herb collection and herbal library which invites any resident for study and experimentation

bathrooms on both levels of the building

washing machine and dryer

bed linen and towels

3 bicycles

a car which can be used for a kilometer-based fee

A4 color laser printer


The mutual use of the facilities is discussed and negotiated between everyone present at MASSIA. The MASSIA basics provide the guiding principles. This also applies to daily maintaining and taking care of the spaces and equipment; The things in MASSIA are there for you and you are there for the things as well (e.g. the studio space is there for you, as long as you are there for the studio space).

In the warmer months the garden provides a limited amount of food – you can harvest herbs and food in exchange for care/labour. There is wild food knowledge in the space if you are interested to forage.

Although winters can be tough in Estonia, the building has central heating. In 2021 MASSIA has upgraded to a powerful and automated wood pellet burner and new radiators which keep living and work spaces pleasant also in winter times.