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If you are interested in staying at MASSIA, please familiarize yourself with the MASSIA basics first. For reservations, write an e-mail to info[at]massia[dot]ee in which you detail your arrival and departure dates.  MASSIA does not make a selection of stayers; everyone can stay at MASSIA as long as there are rooms available and as long as they agree with the basic principles laid out in MASSIA basics.

Becoming a member is mandatory for staying at MASSIA. The membership fee is 12€ for a period of one year; the membership does not renew automatically. You become a member by signing the membership form, and confirming that MASSIA is not liable for any damage done to you during your stay.

If you would like to support MASSIA’s offering, you can opt for a monthly payment of 12€ for your membership. 60 SUPPORTER MEMBERSHIPS would enable MASSIA to pay for 1 monthly co-organiser salary and make MASSIA’s offering more sustainable. Please see below for account details.

MASSIA tries to keep prices accessible whilst not receiving any continuous funding or subsidies: its non-profit economic sustainability is based on the contributions towards stays and memberships. In addition, MASSIA’s self-organisation is mainly run on the unpaid labor of cultural practitioners from around the world.

Prices for accommodation in 2024 are:
18€ per night when you stay 5 nights or more
20€ per night when you stay for less than 5 nights

All prices include 9% VAT.

MASSIA offers a pricing model that aims to reflect on disparities in access to income and resources. The reduced rates offered are a solidarity practice.


Further price categories Funded / Pay it forward Solidarity Supported
Price per night when staying less than 5 nights 25-35€ 17€ 14€
Price per night when staying more than 4 nights 20-35€ 15€ 12€
Discounted month (on request only) 420€ 320€

Funded / Pay-it-Forward
If you earn a stable income, have savings or prospect of inheritance, please consider the “Pay-it-forward” category. This makes it possible to offer the “Solidarity” and “Supported” price categories. If you apply for funding for your stay in MASSIA, please use “Funded” accommodation prices for your budget.

This price category recognises that the “regular” price is impossible for some to afford. It cares for the gap between what MASSIA would need for its sustainability and the unequal distribution of income and access to funds.

This category exists in reference to the Estonian minimum wage rates (4,74 €/hour in 2024) and we invite anyone coming to MASSIA to reflect on their income and earnings in relation to this figure when requesting a “Supported” price.

Support MASSIA’s offering
MASSIA motorizes much voluntary effort to put in common a resource for cultural practitioners from around the world. We offer solidarity prices to be as accessible as possible whilst not being able to pay for all the labor that MASSIA requires. If you have access to financial resources, you come from a place where MASSIA’s prices compare low to or you receive funding for the work you want to do at MASSIA, please consider a donation.

You can find a PayPal donation button on the right side menu of the website.
Or you can make a bank transfer directly to MASSIA’s account:

Massia Kool MTÜ
LHV Bank, Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE857700771002464180