Body Weather Garden – MASSIA pollination — 26-30/7

Body Weather Garden  
26-30 July with Christine Quoiraud

Body Weather Garden at Massia intends to create a temporary Body Weather laboratory, remembering Body Weather Farm in Tokyo. On this last weekend of July we live together, work the ground together and allow the landscape to touch us. The body’s sensitivity is the focus of this workshop, especially its sensitivity to landscape. We will investigate the body as an environment in interrelation with the other and create a body landscape. We will investigate various angles of the exploration of tactility, affects of touch and explore the language applied to the experiments.

How to avoid to becoming a form? How to investigate with images? How to avoid fixing a style of one’s own? The practice is a continuous research into sensing, moving, relating, feeling, a search for expression and bodily awareness. Maybe we approach the political body.

Body Weather is a practice and training for dance and movement, exploring intersections of the body with its environment, investigating the agencies that govern the body and its movements. Bodies are not considered as fixed and distinct entities; they are in constant change and relation, omni-centred and sensitive to stimuli, just like the weather. The practice was founded by Min Tanaka in 1977 and the Body Weather Laboratory. It is still transmitted by some dancers of Tanaka’s former dance company Maï-Juku and practiced and performed by people, non performers as well as dancers, actors etc. The Body Weather Farm was one of the laboratories between 1986-2010 located in a village west of Tokyo. Here Body Weather was exploring the origins of dance through farming life, working the land and deeply connecting dancers to space and landscape.

Duration: 5 days (July 26 – 30),  first and last day being arrival and departure days
Location: MASSIA research & development residency, Massiaru, Estonia
Accommodation: 10€ per night (9€ if you stay more than 4 nights) plus a 12€ one-year MASSIA membership. You can extend or shorten your stay as you wish.
Food: Cooking will be collective and cost will be about 7€ per day
Teaching fee: 70€ total to the teacher (exceptions possible)

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Christine Quoiraud, originally trained in modern dance, philosophy and visual arts, worked and lived in Tokyo from 1985 to 1990, as a dancing member of Min Tanaka’s company Maï-Juku. She is the founder of the “Body/Landscape” project conducting workshops and performances worldwide in collaboration with Frank van der Ven, Oguri, Roxanne Steinberg and others. She conceived and conducted “Walk and dance” projects of different scales in the period 2000-2007. With a longstanding commitment to Body Weather and dance research, she now focuses her work on migrants and her research project “Body Weather, a contemporary practice: touch Laboratory , investigating consciousness and language with Body Weather practitioners, university teachers and researchers in ecology and ;neuro sciences and somatic practices.

MASSIA pollination are workshops, events, gatherings happening around the Massia Officinale project, making the movement of fertile material between bodies possible. For inquiries about MASSIA pollination (if you want to organize a pollination, for example), email

Picture above by photographer Marina Pirot, BWL CQ, June 2018