Massiaru koolimaja
Häädemeeste vald
86004 Pärnumaa

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MASSIA is located in the village of Massiaru, Estonia, about 180 kilometers from Tallinn, 140 kilometers from Riga, Latvia, and 470 kilometers from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Below is some essential info about recommended itineries. Mind you that the listed timetables might not reflect the most recent updates from local train and bus services. Make sure to visit the websites of the listed travel companies before planning your journey.

Jump to traveling from: Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg. If you intend to fly, the city of Riga is in neighboring Latvia, however, it’s a bit closer to Massiaru than Tallinn (Estonia’s main airport) and usually cheaper to fly to.

There is no direct train or bus connection from Riga to Massiaru.
If you are traveling from Riga International Airport (RIX), you can:

A) take bus line 22 or 322 from the airport to Riga Coach Station/Riga International Bus Terminal and then use one of the bus connections listed below (via Pärnu, Ainaži or Salacgrīva). Taxi services going from Riga Airport to Riga Coach Station charge approx. EUR 10,00; the ride usually takes about fifteen minutes.

B) board a bus shuttle which directly goes from the airport to Pärnu; it will take you there in around two hours and thirty minutes. Unfortunately though, the service usually does not operate more than twice a day.

From Riga Coach Station/Riga International Bus Terminal, there is the option to a bus via either Pärnu, Ainaži or Salacgrīva. Each option is described below. To check the latest timetables of all bus companies, access: If you find yourself unable to buy tickets on tpilet, visit the company websites:,,, The Google Maps directions function also provides useful live updates about bus routes and schedules in Latvia and Estonia.

Busses from Riga Coach Station to Pärnu Coach Station go many times a day, tickets can be purchased at the ticket reception and the ticket machine services at Riga Coach Station; when you arrive in Pärnu, the easiest thing to do is get the number 72 or 80 bus to Massiaru. Busses generally run Monday to Friday at 7:05 AM, 2:00 PM and 5:15 PM, Saturday and Sunday at 7:05 AM and 5:15 PM. The ride takes about one hour and twenty minutes, single tickets are less than EUR 2,00.
If you should arrive at Pärnu Coach Station when there is no direct connection to Massiaru, you can take the 74 bus to Häädemeeste instead, which goes almost every hour until 8:30 PM. Please check in with MASSIA in advance to see if someone can pick you up by car; MASSIA charges a EUR 10,00 fee for picking you up from Häädemeeste. Please call or send a message to +372 59823344.
If you would like to be picked up from Pärnu, MASSIA can try to arrange a car service which would be EUR 50,00. Please keep in mind that there might not always be someone available to offer this solution as the distance between Pärnu and Massiaru is 50 kilometers. Make sure to get in touch well in advance.

To go from Riga Coach Station to Ainaži Coach Station, you can book a ticket accessing or use the ticket reception and ticket machine services at Riga Coach Station; tickets are roughly EUR 5,00, the journey takes two and a half to three hours. From Ainaži, you can either arrange to be picked up by car for a fee of EUR 25,00 — to do so, please get in touch in advance by calling or messaging +372 59823344 –, or take a local bus line which brings you closer to Massiaru. The bus stops at the Estonian side of the border crossing called Ikla; it is a 10 minutes walk across the main Road in Ainaži to get there and the bus does not run very often. Take a bus in the direction of Kabli or Häädemeeste and get off at Orajõe metskond, which is the nearest bus stop to Massiaru coming from Ainaži. From there, someone from MASSIA can pick you up for a fee of EUR 10,00. Specific info about the bus line on Google Maps or, look for the route from Ikla to Orajõe metskond.

To go from Riga Coach Station to Salacgrīva, the only viable option is to take the Riga Coach Station to Pärnu Coach Station service, operated by Ecolines or Lux Express. Buses usually make one stop at Salacgrīvas, but be sure to double check upon purchasing a ticket (make sure the stop is mentioned in the detailed information section of your ticket). You can buy tickets on the company websites and at their ticket offices in Riga Coach Station; tickets cannot be bought on the bus. When arranged in advance, MASSIA can try to arrange to pick you up from Salacgrīva for a fee of 35,00 EUR; contact +372 59823344.

If you are travelling from Tallinn Airport (TLL),
you can go to Tallinn Coach Station by taking a taxi — the ride should be about 10 minutes long — or the number 2 bus in the
direction of Mõigu – Reisisadam, in which case you need to get off at Autobussijaam/Bus Station, the third stop from the airport. From Tallinn Coach Station, there is a morning and an afternoon option:

Tallinn Coach Station to Pärnu Coach Station
11:00 AM – 12:50 PM, Monday – Sunday, Lux Express, or:
11:45 AM – 1:35 PM, Monday – Sunday, Taisto Express
Pärnu Coach Station to Massiaru
1:45 PM – 3:20 PM, Monday – Friday

Tallinn Coach Station – Pärnu Coach Station
1:30 PM – 3:25 PM, Monday – Sunday, Taisto Liinid, or:
2:00 PM – 3:50 PM, Monday – Sunday, Lux Express
Pärnu Coach Station – Massiaru
5:10 PM – 6:35 PM, Monday – Saturday

If you are travelling from St. Petersburg, you can either go via Pärnu or via first Tallinn and then Pärnu:

St. Petersburg Coach Station – Pärnu Coach Station
6:50 AM – 3:15 PM, Monday – Sunday, Presto OÜ
Pärnu Coach Station – Massiaru
5:10 PM – 6:35 PM, Monday – Saturday

St. Petersburg Gl – Tallinn Train Station/Tallinn Balti Jaam
6:29 AM – 1:38 PM, Monday – Sunday,
Tallinn Train Station – Tallinn Coach Station
appoximately 10 minutes by taxi
Tallinn Coach Station – Pärnu Coach Station
2:00 PM – 3:50 PM, Monday – Sunday, Lux Express
Pärnu Coach Station – Massiaru
5:10 PM – 6:35 PM, Monday – Saturday

There are regular bus services between Berlin and Riga, Warsaw and Riga, as well as Vilnius and Riga. For more information, check out and More information about non-flight options to follow. If you happen to know of further options, please share your knowledge via infomassia[at] Thank you!

(last updated on 10 May 2020)