MASSIA Spring Assembly 2024

Save the date: 15th – 22nd April

A collage of handwritten text, illustrations, shapes, colors on paper held by a hand above a sandy beach ground, showing a mind map from MASSIA's Spring Assembly in 2023
Collage + Photo by Michael Holland during MASSIA Spring Assembly 2023 [ID: A collage of handwritten text, illustrations, shapes, colors on paper held by a hand above a sandy beach ground, showing a mind map from MASSIA’s Spring Assembly in 2023.]

MASSIA invites you to its upcoming Spring Assembly, taking place April 15 to 22, 2024.

The Spring Assembly is an annually recurring event during which MASSIA conspirators engage in a week of collective plotting and continued building towards self-organisational structures and processes.

• is a self-organised project and residency space which puts in common resources for people who need space to focus, meet, create, and recharge
• gestures towards a different space and community making in its daily activities, including organisation, administration, finances, maintenance, offerings, programming, etc.
• needs time, labor and other resources to exist and sustain

In the bigger picture, ‘doing MASSIA’ is a social and material practice that gestures towards the commoning of resources and practicing logics of reciprocity. This is a type of work/ world building towards planetary commons, and the collective organisation of response-abilities in an ecological sense: how can we imagine and practice mutual relationships of care, not regulated by economies based in extraction? How can ‘doing MASSIA’ agitate cultural shifts towards reciprocal relations? And how can you/we participate in this?

This Spring Assembly, we invite all those who share an interest in experiments with self-organisation, autonomous spaces, distribution of resources, and world building to join in on co-thinking the very practical aspects of MASSIA.

What will we co-think?
• changes to MASSIA’s organisational structure (decentralising its running from a main single person to a distributed collective)
• changes to the association’s legal set-up (board of directors/managers in bureaucratic speak)
• change of legal ownership structure towards collective ownership (a real-estate co-operative with multiple shareholders, taking MASSIA off the real-estate market for a commons)
• strategies for these multiple transitions
• shared grounds and horizons for our collective practice (re: intentions, politics, accountability, etc.)

We especially welcome the company of conspirators and networks in Estonia and the Baltics who are race-, ethnicity-, class-, gender-, and disability informed, and interested in critical discourse on anti-oppressive, transnational, and socio-environmental struggles.

Come and share geek energy in thinking systems of collective organising, undoing and moving through structures of property law, division of labor and scarcity regimes.

More details on the program will be shared at the start of the new year.

You can already reserve your participation by writing to

If you are interested to join and haven’t yet been to MASSIA, we propose you arrive a few days ahead of the meeting to get a sense of the space and how it runs.

Location & dates:
MASSIA, Estonia (travel info:
15th – 22nd April 2024

12€ membership (valid for 12 months)
For those fully participating in Spring Assembly 2024 the cost for stay and food will be free of charge. For those dipping in and out, the usual prices for accommodation apply, plus 7€/day for food cost.

If you have accessibility questions about the house or this event please contact us.

Unfortunately the building is not barrier-free and doesn’t meet accessibility standards. There are no ramps and no elevator. To enter the building you have to climb 6 steps. Passing through doorways in the space requires navigating 3cm-high elevations which form part of the door frames. On the ground floor there are bedrooms, studios, a theater hall, toilets and a shower. The functional rooms are too small for wheelchairs. The kitchens are located on the upper floor. To get to the 1st floor you have to climb two flights of stairs.