MASSIA Spring Assembly
13th – 18th April 2023

We would like to invite you to participate in co-thinking and -doing Massia over five days in Spring 2023.

The recent years have brought drastic shifts on various scales. Over here, it also generated clearer movements towards collectivising the organisation of Massia. Since the beginning of 2022 more people have been co-thinking how to ‘do Massia’ – considering a broad range of questions from how to respond to war, to how to deal with water entering the basement.

We would like to amplify the ongoing invitation to think and do Massia collectively – remembering that it’s merely an empty building which becomes and changes only through its users and what we do together in the space.

In its 6-ish years of existence Massia has been fed from the mother tree PAF (Performing Arts Forum, France) and the collective work that has been done there — and has been gradually finding its own expression.

During this meeting we want to both sense what Massia is now and dream it further. Especially considering the way the world feels now, we want to ask what Massia wants to enable. What does it want to be a space for? What can Massia offer? To whom? And how?

You are warmly invited to join us and help carry on this collective process of thinking, doing and imagining. There is no need to prepare in advance — the meeting will unfold as a reciprocal exchange between participants. A previous involvement with Massia is not a prerequisite – if you’re interested in self-organisation, autonomous spaces, queerfeminist collective practices: you’re welcome.

We will follow a pre-agreed agenda — which you’re invited to co-create with us. There will be cooking and walks in the Estonian spring sunlight. Wild dreaming about potential futures will be encouraged.

If you want to participate in this meeting, please write to


Location & dates:
MASSIA, Estonia (travel info:
13th – 18th April 2023
And come for as long as you like.

14€/day for accommodation (15€/day if staying less than 5 nights)
7€/day for food (collective cooking)
12€ membership (valid for 12 months)

If you would like to come but don’t have the financial means to do so, please let us know and we will try to make it possible for you.

If you have accessibility questions about the house or this event please contact us.

Unfortunately the building is not barrier-free and doesn’t meet accessibility standards. There are no ramps and no elevator. To enter the building you have to climb 6 steps. Passing through doorways in the space requires navigating 3cm-high elevations which form part of the door frames. On the ground floor there are bedrooms, studios, a theater hall, toilets and a shower. The functional rooms are too small for wheelchairs. The kitchens are located on the upper floor. To get to the 1st floor you have to climb two flights of stairs.