Rights of Nature Working Groop

‘Rites of Spring’, Rights of Nature Working Groop
12-18 May 2019

Following on from Massia’s Spring Meeting we will convene a working ‘groop’ for those interested to discuss initiatives seeking to grant legal rights to entities such as rivers, lakes, rocks, forests, reefs, etc. Over the week we will review material such as the Rights of Nature tribunals, the Pachamama Alliance, the wretched earth and the limits of environmental justice, geontology, multispecies epistemologies, racial capitalocene and the Green New Deal. This is our first meeting, so we encourage participants to bring examples or ideas they are interested to investigate collectively.

While at MASSIA we can also help with the herb garden, MASSIA Officinale, and visit the forest, Nigula Reserve and beach along the Gulf of Riga.

We will cook and organise meals as a groop!

MASSIA is an independent self-organised space: https://www.massia.ee/ To stay you must become a member for 12 euros (valid for 12 months). Accommodation costs 10 euro/night per person, if staying more than 4 nights. If staying under 5 nights the price is 11 euro/night per person). If you’d like to join please send an email with your dates: infomassia@gmail.com.

The Rights of Nature Working Groop is being convened by Sumugan Sivanesan sumugan.sivanesan@gmail.com and Joseph Walsh jowwalsh@hotmail.com