Spring Affair

We are a diverse group of practitioners — artists, writers, herbalists, performers, researchers, viticulturalists — collaborating across geographies. We gather through the ‘grounds’ of MASSIA, a user-run residency in Estonia and a conceptual space busy with making alternatives possible in alliance with more-than-human worlds.

Plants are the connective tissue of Spring Affair which began as an alternative to meeting physically, a ritual televisualisation with plants during a time of extraordinary global sessility caused by COVID19. Rooting simultaneously across extreme time zones when lockdowns began and equipped with technologies and biologies to network and signal, we craft parallels to distributed vegetal subjectivity.


Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero is a choreographer and artistic researcher. Her work focuses on the search for tools to compose spaces that allow other ways of doing and relating.

Alice MacKenzie is a dance artist based in Stockholm. Her work enfolds speculative fiction and movement scores alongside medicinal plants and cultures of bacteria in performances of intimate intra-action.

Cat Jones is an artist, researcher and writer thinking across biological, social and metaphysical realms. She investigates transformation through the subversion of science, history, language and the senses.

Diana Bratu is a researcher, working with dance in relation to viticultural practices and performances, as ways of thinking and producing atmospheric knowledge.

Ingrid Vranken works as an independent dramaturg, curator and artist, and is a member of FoAM, a transdisciplinary laboratory at the interstices of art, science,nature and everyday life. Her curatorial and artistic practice focuses on enabling a systemic ecofeminist transition in the arts, through engaging with the knowledge and labor of other-than-human beings, and in particular plants.

Katrin Woelger is a performance and visual artist, whose works include collaborations with audiences as well as with spaces, animals and plants.

Lucie Schroeder

melissa turner
Domestic Dramaturg
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Mihaela Brebenel is a screen and visual studies researcher and curator, interested in feminist and queer practices, and in the aesthetics and politics of screen (and other) technologies. They are a Lecturer in Digital Cultures at Winchester School of Art, where they are part of the Archaeologies of Media and Technology (AMT) research group.

Nina Vurdelja is a performance researcher and cultural worker active around performance ecology and speculative intermedia. Inclined to hybrid, collaborative forms of thinking and making.

rebekah green
full spectrum doula
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Sepideh Ardalani engages in inter-species social services. In MASSIA they invoke a site for studying- and practising-with, for generating exchanges between people busy with plant practices, artistic research, theory and everyday practices.

Sumugan Sivanesan

Tessa Zettel works across disciplines to imagine and enact other ways of living. Her projects draw on bodies of more-than-human knowledge that may be disappearing or speculative, playing with such practices as fermenting, reading, foraging, mapping and exchange. Tessa is co-founder of Cloudship Press, the T. Rudzinskaite Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society and Weathering, and part of Frontyard Projects & Collective Disaster.